Mom Life: Let me Shine Bright

Shine Bright? What does that mean Mom? This came from our youngest child. We were saying a bedtime prayer. I go first. Somewhere along the way I asked that God would help me to “shine bright” for him. Why are the questions at bedtime so big? It’s a great question – not a bad one. I just wasn’t sure how to answer it, and that made me think that I’m not doing a very good of “shining bright” if I couldn’t explain it! I told her that I wanted my actions, the things I do in every day life, to show others that I love Jesus. That satisfied her.

Who are “others”?

My answer to her question made me start thinking. My response was that I wanted others to see my actions in that way. Who are others? When I said “others” I meant those I meet when I am outside the house. Who should others include too? My FAMILY! My priority should be those closest to me.

I don’t want to be a Momster!

A book I just started reading about how not to be a cranky mom reinforced this thought. The most important humans to me are the ones in my home. I should shine my brightest for them because I want them to shine bright too! Unfortunately, my family gets to see the not so pretty version of Mom sometimes. Maybe I’m hungry. It’s possible the mess in the house is making my head spin. I’m simply tired of saying no or being the rule enforcer. Whatever the reason that I am using to justify my crankiness, it is not good enough.

When the cranky mom starts to come out I am now pausing. Why am I being a cranky pants? Is it really the offender’s fault or is it ME? Regardless, my reaction needs to reflect my beliefs and how I want those I love to act. I want to act in love…at all times. Thank goodness the good Lord has an abundance of forgiveness and grace because sometimes I’m a slow learner when it comes to breaking old habits.

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