Fall Jewelry Prep 101: Get Ready for the Season

I read somewhere that style is what you make it. That’s why it is YOUR style! You find what makes you comfortable. You find what you feel good in, and that’s it. That’s your style! We all need a little inspiration sometimes though. Here’s yours to help guide your fall jewelry collection! What’s #ontrend this fall for fashion? “Animal Instincts” from bold prints to a bit a texture are all over the scene. I’m thankful that leopard print decided to hang around for another season because I’m pretty certain that it (along with tortoise shell) will never retire from my accessory stash! Here are few looks that I’ll be walking the “mom-way” in this season. I mention “mom-way” because that’s as close to the runway that I’ll be this fall!

Look 1

I long for the cooler weather mainly because I’m tired of sweating, but also so I can pull this Target leopard print sweater out of storage! Turquoise and leopard print are two of my favorites to combine. I also like my jewelry to be lightweight. I want to wear it but not know that I am wearing it until someone tells me how much they love it. These wooden laser cut turquoise earrings & acrylic leopard print ring are perfect examples of that type of jewelry. http://www.plunderdesign.com/reneeg/

Look 2

A simple graphic t-shirt is what my daily look is comprised of 95% of the time. Little Mammas Shirt Shop has some of my favorites. Softness is a requirement for the t-shirt to enter my closet! Wine red is a go to color for me, and the beads on this animal print inspired necklace match perfectly! The leopard print pieces are leather, so they also go along with the weightless feel I like. I’m also wearing another pair of laser cut wooden earrings – black in this look.

Look 3

Hoop earrings are another trend that I am happy to say seems to be staying for this fall. I feel “dressed up” when I put my hoops on, and I also feel young again – lol! Hoops were favorites in my high school days….many moons agon. Thankfully, trends seem to go in cycles and return! Once again I’m wearing a tee. “Love You Mucho” thanks to Target! Softness test passed! This lightweight animal print inspired cardigan is great for cold buildings and not making me melt when it’s still summer in September.

Look 4

Pearls & leopard print…just like in Look 3. Classy with a touch of wild. That sums up momlife fairly well! I do like statement earrings. I probably favor them because studs poke me in the head when I am having to talk on the phone for work. That’s a practical reason, right? These animal print inspired acrylics are are seasonal-less but they are some of my favorites fall jewelry because they go with our black & gold game day attire perfectly.

Leopard print cuff bracelet & acrylic earrings are on trend this fall.

That’s a wrap! Casual every day style – that’s how I go from bed making to pharmacy to laundry to school pick up and everything else in between. Graphic tees seem to be my base layer most often. I’ve just discovered Ruby’s Rubbish! https://rubysrubbish.com/ Where do you find your favorites?

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