Spring Break Defined

Spring Break for kids & moms (or parents in general – I just say Moms because that’s what I am!) is defined a bit differently!

KIDS Spring Break: a time to de-schedule, sleep in, stay up later and enjoy being a kid.

MOMS Spring Break: a time to de-schedule (if you are fortunate enough to be home), entertain kids, referee fights, and slack on housework & laundry.

The week AFTER Spring Break…

KIDS the week AFTER: a time to be tired, draggy & sometimes grumpy; definitely don’t want to go to bed or school!

MOMS the week AFTER: still refereeing (because of the grumpies), lots of laundry, and a super quiet house – even though it may be super messy!

It’s taken me a LONG time, but I will take the loud, messy house any day…or at least most days. There is still that bit in me that cringes with the clutter that needs to be reminded occasionally of how precious these moments are. When I look back, I want to see our kids smiling as we play a game of Uno. They are at least smiling to one of the other ones wins! I want to remember the snuggles on the couch while we watch a movie that we have probably all seen multiple times…or at least they have. I don’t sit still well! There will always be another day to pick up, but the opportunities to make memories are limited — I don’t want to miss a single one.

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