Lent begins

I have been anticipating Lent this year. I didn’t grow up practicing Lent, but for the last several years, we as a family have tried to find ways to observe it. I was all excited as Ash Wednesday approached. I had listened to a podcast called “Preparing Your Heart for Lent”…twice! I was ready. Our Ash Wednesday service is special to me because our church combines with another local church for this service. I love the openness and welcoming feeling it gives to the entire community.

As I said I WAS excited…I did enjoy the service. But I had left our youngest one at home with my husband – not feeling so fancy. That was stuck in the back of my mind, and by the time we got back home, the stomach bug was in full swing.

Fast forward to Friday, and I was blessed with the stomach bug, so my focus has not been great. I have had plenty of time to think though. This is why I started planning and thinking about Lent before it actually began. (This is not to stay that you have to be totally Type A to participate in Lent. You can start up at any point as long as your heart is in the right place.) But for me, I didn’t think about it last year. Lent started and I didn’t really change anything. Then, it was over, and I felt disappointed and like I had missed out on something.

I want to feel like I have grown in my relationship with God and helped our kids to do the same when Easter Sunday is celebrated this year. Our preacher gave us a Lent Calendar with different ideas for each day. The boys and I talked a little bit about it tonight at bedtime. Today suggestion was to repent of your sins. We didn’t get into a big discussion, but maybe it got them to thinking too. Maybe they will be ready for that discussion in the morning!

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