Enjoy it NOW! Why?

Why? Why do you do what you do?

Why? Why did I decide to start a blog called my “crazyfulllife”? Was it a goal? Did I need to do it? Was it a requirement? No. I started this blog because it has brought me joy. I enjoy writing. I like to put my thoughts to paper or in this case electronic media. So why has it been so long since I last contributed anything to my CrazyFullLife?

Life gets busy. I get so focused on the five jillion things that have to be done (or that I think have to be done) that I lose focus on the bigger picture. This last week I have tried to refocus. When the kids get home from school there are things that we have to do, but I try to make it things that I do with them. I am trying to be truly present where I am at that moment.

One thing that I have been doing to help refocus is clearing out clutter. A friend started something at the first of the year called Operation #huckitout. I can’t say that I have done everything, but I have made an effort. If we don’t use it or need it, I give it away if it is useful for someone else or I throw it away!

During yesterday’s closet cleaning I found something that reminded me how important it is to be present in the moment and enjoy those that you get to spend them with. I was going through old sheets, blankets, pillows, and a variety of other things that had gotten stuffed into that closet. I found a blanked folded up. It was folded to where I could only see the back of it. I had no idea of what it was. When I unfolded it, I discovered that it was a gift that I had made for my granny for Christmas one year. I can’t remember which service I used, but I ordered it through a photo company. I loaded the pictures online, and they created them into a blanket. When Granny passed away, I asked if I could have that blanket. It has been folded up in that closet since I got it. As I unfolded it many emotions rolled through me. It’s amazing how much you can miss someone even when they have been gone for awhile.

My intentions were good. I had put the blanket in the closet to keep it safe and protected and to preserve it. But who gets to enjoy it if it’s stuffed in a closet? So, I decided to keep it out. I actually folded it over and put it on my daughter’s bed. When she got home from school I asked her if she had seen the new blanket that I put in her room. The look of pure happiness on her face when she came running into the living room with it let me know that there is no reason to store it and save it.

The things of this life are meant to be shared and enjoyed. The moments of this life are to be treasured.


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