New Year…New Goals?

Last year was the first year I created a Vision Board. I think this is a fancy way of saying “goal setting”. It sounds prettier to me anyway. Now that a new year is upon us, I started searching for my 2018 Vision Board. I created a digital one & shared it with some friends for accountability…it’s scary to share these kind of things sometimes. Since it had been shared, it was pretty easy to locate. The problem with the digital version for me is that I don’t know if I looked at again after January of this year.

Today I did what many do when they want to create a DIY project. What do you think that might be? Yes, I searched Pinterest. I looked for actual Vision Board ideas that I can stick on the wall & touch. They ranged from simple sticky notes or scraps of paper to elaborate looks-like-a-scrapbook-mounted-on-the-wall versions. My aim is to create something in between.

Now, I know that I would like to have some inspirational put on the wall, but what are my goals? As I looked at mine from 2018, some I accomplished, and some I attempted. I think it’s okay to not conquer them all. It gives me the chance to try again if I evaluate it AND decide it is worthwhile.

Self evaluation time…Did I conquer the household? Well, I improved, but I definitely did not conquer. Laundry is my downfall. I can wash and dry it, but then I have way too many baskets that will gladly hold the clean clothes…letting me avoid folding. A friend introduced me to Norwex, and that has greatly helped my cleaning schedule. Faith & family will continue to be a focus in 2019. I want to be more dedicated to a regular Bible study. The triathlon happened, and I want to do it again. I became a One Star leader with Plunder Design. As for treating myself to a pair of Tieks, I decided that they weren’t that important to me (& my Chacos are way more comfortable)!

There are still 4 days left in this year. I’ll use them and probably a few into 2019 before I get my new touch and feel Vision Board created. I’m thinking though…that’s a start!

My Vision Board

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