Mom’s Birthday!

Mother and daughter relationships can be complicated.  I know at times mom thinks I hung the moon and at other times she wants to strangle me, but at all times she loves me.  She (along with Dad) has always been my biggest cheerleader.

Today we celebrate her birthday.  Last night I looked through pictures to share on social media to wish her Happy Birthday, and I came across pictures of when my daughter was little bitty and also pictures of my grandmother that has passed away.  It is amazing the resemblance that is passed down through the generations.  I can see my 80 year old grandmother’s beauty in the face of my precious five year old daughter.  Family is priceless.  We should celebrate it every day, but we don’t.  Live is busy and crazy (hence CrazyFullLife), but we need to take time to tell those that our dear to us how precious they are and how important they are in our lives.

As I looked back through my pictures, I had two thoughts.  One was of how amazingly fast these last five years have passed from when Izzy was a newborn baby to now being a kindergarten student!  My other thought was that of my grandmother and how I thought that she would be here forever.  When I was a child, I use to tell her that when I was 36 years old I was going to sit in her lap.  I think that was about the time my mom was 36, and I was pretty sure that was old at the time! I did sit in her lap at 36, but I didn’t get to at 37.

So, tonight we celebrate Mom.  We made chocolate chip cheesecake last night.  I don’t know who is the most excited…probably the kids.  I recorded them singing Happy Birthday to her this morning.  We had to get over the squabble they were having before we could record so that she didn’t think that they were mad.  There is no perfect time and no perfect day or moment to stop and tell someone how you feel about them.  Just do it.  Now.

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