He is the Reason for the Season

The Christmas shopping is done! I won’t say that absolutely everything was purchased before December 1, but my list was crossed off.  The kids still have a bit of shopping that they want to do.  My whole reason behind finishing my Christmas shopping early this year was to be able to ENJOY the Christmas season.  We are 6 days into December, and I feel like the busy hustle of life is still getting in the way.  Too many errands to run, too much laundry to do, too many practices to shuttle to… Y’all know I have talked about it’s all in the way you look at your situation before.  For the laundry, I should be thankful that we have clothes (plenty of clothes) and a washer and dryer to clean them.  The practices that I shuttle to — I should be thankful that our hoodlums are interested in a variety of activities and have the opportunity to pursue them.  As for the errands, I am thankful for the sweet friends that I get to visit as I stop through town.

Now to the title of this session…”HE is the Reason for the Season” The kid’s and I started an Advent Bible study today — yes, I know we are a few days late getting started.  We are doubling up until we catch up.  It’s titled “The Reason for the Season”.  Each day it talks about one of the traditions of Christmas and how we can relate it to Christ.  The nativity scene is one of the day’s subjects.  I don’t remember exactly how old I was, somewhere in early elementary school, when I received my first nativity set.  My great aunt painted ceramics, and she had painted me a nativity set.  At the time, I wasn’t horribly impressed.  I know that doesn’t sound nice, but it was the truth.  It had dull color tones.  That didn’t excite me.  It was breakable.  That meant that Mom didn’t let me “play” with it.  Fast forward thirty years, and it is one of my most treasured Christmas decorations.  Thankfully, my children love it too.  They don’t see it as I did that first time.  They know it is a treasure to me, and thankfully, they know the Christmas story, so they know what it represents.

I now have a few nativity sets.  I have a large one that I was gifted.  I display it on top of our piano.  It’s wooden and beautifully simple.  It never did get stored away after Christmas last year.  I decided it didn’t have to be a seasonal decoration.  I have a beautiful silver nativity set that Mom started for me last year and added to this year.  My daughter was as excited to set it up as I was, and I didn’t judge her placement of characters.  Many moons ago it would have needed to be “just so”, but life and children have changed that attitude a bit.

Our daughter got a nativity set last weekend at my hometown church’s Harvest Festival.  When we got home with it, she was quick to tell me that she wanted to set it up all by herself.  And she did set it up…front and center by the television in the living room.  Most should know that this is a focal point for kiddos (the television that is)! I hope in years to come that she has precious memories of her nativity set just as I do of mine.

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