It’s all about how you look at it…

It truly is all about how you look at “it”…whatever that “it” might be.  This picture may look like a jumbled mess to one and a treasure to another.  To me it is beautiful.  It’s not beautiful just because I love jewelry.  It’s beautiful because of the memories that go along with it.  That doesn’t mean I know exactly when and where I acquired each treasure.  It means that I can think of different occasions where I wore a certain piece, and it brings back the memory of that.  I drift off from my point though.

This past holiday weekend we went to Enchant Christmas in Arlington, Texas.  It was their opening night, and they were having a bit of heck with their display.  A little background…Enchant Arlington is this massive Christmas light exhibit and maze that  is set on the ball field of the Texas Rangers this year.  We got there and were given the option to not use our tickets because it wasn’t up to its full effect.  We were there anyway & decided to give it a go.  Oh, I’m so glad that we did.  And, we went in with the attitude of let’s enjoy this…and we did!  The kiddos had a blast.  The lights were almost all on by the time that we left, and I am pretty sure each child had a least one bruise that they so enjoyed earning from the ice skating adventure.  I was thankful that Dad took the “fall” for this one and let me take pictures!

My triathlon was another of these situations that could have gone south.  The Brazos River that is normally very peaceful was flowing too rapidly at the triathlon time to allow the swim to proceed.  I had trained months for this, and while the swim does strike fear in my heart, I wanted to do it…to get it over with or better yet to conquer it!  It didn’t happen though.  The 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run did take place.  I had thought that maybe I would be disappointed and not feel that I got the “full” experience.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Things happen the way they do for a reason.  I’m pretty hard headed, but I’m learning to trust His bigger plan more.  I choose to look for the bright side, and I try to be patient and not push for my way!

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