Another Goal Set!!

This goal may actually be more difficult than my previous one of finishing my first half Ironman triathlon! I still feel a bit fake saying I did it because the swim was cancelled, but that is not the point today.  My goal is…drum roll: to be finished Christmas shopping by 12/01/2018! It has been declared publicly, so now it is really real.

I don’t want to be finished Christmas shopping because I don’t like shopping.  I do like shopping, and I like giving gifts to others even more.  I don’t like the pressure that I sometimes feel with the Christmas present.  There are set people that you buy for each year, and everyone has those one or two that they just have no clue of what to buy.  This normally stresses me out because I do want to give a Christmas present that is enjoyed.  New approach to this…I am going to put thought into it and give a gift and that’s it!

Being done by 12/01/2018 came about because I want to ENJOY the Christmas season this year.  I want to spend the family time that we have together doing things we enjoy – looking at Christmas lights, playing outside, cleaning the pig pen (I do not enjoy that but it has to be done).  While I am doing these things, I don’t want my Shopping To-Do list running 90 mph in the back of my head.  Just this week I read that love to children is spelled t-i-m-e.  When they have my time, I want them to have all of me without me trying to get done so that I can move onto the next mission.

As I type this, I am going to take this goal a step further…this is a biggie!  I want our Christmas presents WRAPPED by December 5th.  This will be a Christmas miracle.  I am usually up to the wee hours at least one night pre-Christmas trying to finish all the wrapping.  Not this year!  I haven’t given as much thought to this goal, so I am not sure how it is going to be accomplished, but I’m going to try my darnedest. Everyone may end up with a gift bag and lots of tissue paper.

With all of this said, I really want our children to remember what Christmas is really about…and it’s not the presents.


  • Delanie

    Fantastic goal and the reasoning behind it is not only admirable but inspiring as well. I completely relate to a desire to give more time to my child and agree that the Christmas season can be so stressful year after year trying to get everyone’s presents. The buying is the fun part, it’s the wrapping that really is a doozy. I feel guilt if I put them in bags so I wrap until exhaustion outweighs the guilt haha, much like you, into the wee hours of the morning.
    I believe you can do this Renee and thank you for inspiring me too.

    • reneeplunder

      Thank you for your comment! The wrapping is a doozy. One of my 11 year olds has already pitched in and started on it – yippee! With 3 days to go, I think it may actually happen. Good luck to you too!

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