Goal Accomplished…kind of

I am a runner…or I was just a runner.  Prior to March of this year anytime someone mentioned any kind of event that was any more than running, I simply wasn’t interested.  I especially balked at swimming.  A friend said, “Hey! There is a triathlon in my hometown.  Why don’t we do it?” Why not? I signed up and the rest is history.  Not really — there is a lot that went on in the middle.  I balked at swimming because I didn’t know how to swim efficiently.  I wouldn’t drown in a pool, but that was about it.  I sure would have never thought of getting into a large body of water withOUT a life jacket! YouTube, podcasts, and much reading got me to where I am swim-wise.  My body was ready, but my head was still thinking “Oh No!”

Most of Texas has had LOTS of rain the last several weeks.  It has affected so many everywhere, and the Waco Half Ironman ended up being included in that.  We were to swim in the Brazos River that runs through Waco, TX.  Maybe it was a God thing…He knew I was still scared.  The swim part of the race was cancelled the day before the event.  The current was just too strong for it to be a safe event for over 2500 participants.  I have to admit that my first thought was extreme relief.  The next thought was, “Heck, I am going to need to do this again because this won’t be the whole race!”

Race morning arrived & even without the swim, biking 56 miles and then running 13.1 was a big goal.  The weather was super warm, the running course was a bit hilly, but I finished!  Almost 6 hours after I started, I crossed that finish line.  It was a pretty good feeling.

If you had asked me Sunday evening if I would do this again, I would have probably told you NO.  A good night’s sleep or two, and I am already looking for the next race…the next GOAL!

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