What’s the name all about?

Izzy! That is the name of this gorgeous necklace and also of our precious daughter.  Names are interesting.  When we had our first children (yes children – they are twins) we were determined that they would be called by the name that we gave them as a first name.  One is named is named Matthew.  We didn’t want it cut to Matt.  We didn’t want them called by their middle name either.  Maybe these were just hangups of first time parents, but we were serious about it.  Then comes along our daughter five years later.  We created our list of names, and after we said that the boys would not determine her name, they did!  We did love the name that was chosen…Isabella.  The boys were into the cartoons “Phineas & Ferb” and “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” at the time.  Both of these had cute girl characters named Isabella.  It was decided.  She would be called Isabella.  I don’t know how it happened, but is got shortened.  I can’t even remember when now! She’s Izzy through and through.  As I mentioned previously, she started kindergarten this year.  That’s the first time she encountered the name thing.  Her water bottle on her desk said “Isabella”.  She was quick to let them know that she is “Izzy”.  She knows her name is Isabella, but the only time that she hear it, is when she is in trouble with me.

This all does tie back to the naming of the necklace.  Each piece of Plunder Design jewelry has a name that is tied to someone.  While I don’t know the Izzy that this necklace is named after, I think it is special that it is named after someone.  That is someone’s Izzy.  It makes me curious…I wonder if this Izzy is anything like mine?  If so, she is sunshine to someone’s world and is able to brighten the darkest moments.

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