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School started…a month ago


This picture was taken the day my youngest started kindergarten.  I have wanted to blog for awhile, but couldn’t find a way to get started.  I thought when my youngest started school that would certainly free up more time…I think I was wrong!

Crazy Full Life is a very accurate description of what I have going on. My husband has a business.  I am his bookkeeper.  I am a pharmacist.  I have a variety of jobs that go along with that title.  I “mom” full time.  I am a Plunder Design stylist & leader for fun & social interaction.  The title fits, yes?

So, I decided now is as good of time as any.  I don’t think there will be a “calm” time, and I am not sure I want that anyway.  I seem to function with all engines on go the majority of the time.  Oh, I forgot to mention!  I am training for my first half Ironman triathlon too.

I hope that you will enjoy my CrazyFullLife or at least get a giggle!  Have a beautiful day!

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