Renee’s Treasure Box

Welcome to my CrazyFullLife! I am a wife, full-time momma, pharmacist, bookkeeper for my husband’s business, & a Plunder Design stylist for my fun job.  I love a daily Bible study that keeps me in the Word…currently I am following She Reads Truth online.  I have been a runner for the past 10+ years, & in the past year have added swimming & cycling to try a triathlon or two or three.  My passion is with my family – loving them well and trying to enjoy the present because it simply goes too fast!

My Plunder Design story began in April 2017. I found a beautiful Easter necklace on Instagram and couldn’t believe the amazing price! I had never heard of this company but decided for that price, there was no harm in trying. It came. I loved it. I thought for a few weeks and decided I wanted to be a stylist but only so I could shop with a discount. My starter kit arrived with all the beautiful jewelry, and I decided to share what I was up to with a few friends. From that point I just slowly started to share a bit more. I started a group on social media with some friends. That evolved into a bigger group with new friends…and eventually new teammates. I may have started this journey to shop for a discount but what I gained aside from the beautiful jewelry is an amazing array of friendships and a wonderful outlet to share with others.